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Enerqorp enters into joint venture agreements with global energy experts enjoying authoritative know-how on renewable energy matters.


Roughly 20% of the world's electrical power production now comes from green energy sources, expected to reach 25% by 2030 and 50% by 2050, studies show.


Enerqorp invests in long-term partnerships and signs service contracts with providers whose depth of technical expertise is handpicked, unmatched.


We assemble the right teams, work closely with clients, and coordinate the implementation of cost-effective, strategic, and financially rewarding renewable solutions, no matter how complex.

Waste to Energy

Waste to energy (WTE) production typically involves heating municipal solid waste like biomass, biogenic materials, and non-combustibles to produce electricity.

We expand waste management activity to include the use of near-zero emission technologies that convert waste of any composition and form into energy mixes including heat, fuels, and oils.

Enerqorp is where energy ideas find synergy with clients.


Enerqorp boasts the ability to outperform best technology and production costs in Pyrolysis, having established partnerships with revolutionary patented methodologies in the thermal decomposition of materials.

Using pyrolysis on plastic and tire waste, Enerqorp draws on advanced technology to produce recycled oils acting as competitive substitutes for industrial fuel or diesel.

Enerqorp generates new recycling ideas with Pyrolysis so you can imagine the possibilities.


Enerqorp allows you to harness the power of clean and green electricity using the latest in photovoltaic systems and energy storage solutions.

For residential, commercial or industrial uses, optimize your off-grid capacity & power systems with unique insights and advisory specific to your goals.

Book your place in the sun with Enerqorp.


Investing in wind farms or parks could be lucrative. Find out how you can make sustainable wind power generation financially profitable.

Become a high velocity player/trader in onshore-offshore wind farms.

Set sail in the direction of opportunity with Enerqorp.


Water is fuel and a constant companion of renewable energy production. Hydropower offers limitless opportunities for businesses who realize that water cycles are endlessly valuable.

Wherever flowing water is contained and turned into hydropower, Enerqorp is there to give your business streams of positive cash flows.

Maintain a fluid business with Enerqorp.