We fuel… we refuel

“Know every trick of the oil trade.”


Energy trade is at the heart of Enerqorp’s business. We have a global operation where we leverage, among others, JVs and partnerships with strategic private and public industry players, to deliver unrivaled end-to-end business services, under one roof.

We are fully invested in securing the most favorable market conditions for our energy clients, canvassing a vast network of suppliers of crude oil for optimized trade solutions.

As turnkey logistics & solutions providers, Enerqorp mobilizes manpower, equipment and machinery, to trade energy products, lowering cost and saving time at every chance and junction along the value chain.


Enerqorp diversified its trade offerings to include a wide spectrum of commodities including crude, refined oil products, petrochemicals, LNG, Sulfur Phosphate and base metals.

Sourcing from a number of counterparties including public and private companies, Enerqorp maintains solid relations with producers, refineries, and logistics firms to develop and streamline its energy trade activities.

Oil Contracts

Whether you’re buying or selling, no matter the size of your operation, Enerqorp is uniquely positioned to secure your company a piece of the oil trade action.

Having the inside track on oil well allocation deals, with exclusive access to decision makers in concerned ministries, allows any size oil company to secure sales contracts, every time Enerqorp services are engaged to broker the deal.

We match client needs for oil and derivatives from private production companies, oil majors and national oil companies (NOCs) to confirm distribution channels consistently, sensibly and reliably.

Enerqorp deals in crude and refined oil products with numerous countries including Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Iraq and Nigeria.

Enerqorp is where sellers and buyers reap great financial rewards made possible thanks to unmatched ability to source ideal deals.

Refining Activity

In coalition with select oil & gas partners towards securing funds and feedstock, Enerqorp is currently building its own refinery in the African continent.

Enerqorp is in the process of erecting a multi-million dollar modular 20,000-30,000 barrels per day (bpd) refinery, to produce, among others, Naphtha, LPG, Diezel, Kerosene, and petrol fuel and serve the derivative needs of domestic downstream residents and customers.